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The Meet the Jury event was the official start of the BBGP (video)

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Budapest Ballet Grand Prix officially began on Monday evening. At the National Dance Theatre, the presenter of M5 Cultural Channel Noémi Morvai and the Competition Director Tamás Nagy spent 50 minutes talking to the jury members present. The distinguished artists were also asked many questions by the participants.

On the zero day of the competition, the audience had the chance to attend the workshop of the outstanding master Anita Magyari at the campus of the Hungarian Dance University, and in the afternoon registration started at the National Dance Theatre.

The day ended with the “Meet the jury” interactive round-table discussion, where BBGP competitors had the opportunity to meet the prestigious, but very informal jury.

Photo by Zsófia Falcz

While Suejin Kang and David Makhateli were not yet in Hungary at the time of the discussion, the other members of the jury, Anna Tsygankova, Daria Klimentová, Tamás Solymosi, Thomas Edur and Jan Broeckx, were all present. The evening was hosted by Tamás Nagy, Gyula Harangozó Prize-winning ballet dancer, BBGP Competition Director and President of the MTE Arts Council, and Noémi Morvai, TV presenter. A one-hour summary of the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix will be broadcasted on M5 TV channel at 9.30 pm on 4 December.

The Meet the Jury event will be available HERE. 

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