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Grand Audition takes place at the Hungarian Dance University

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At the end of last week, the Grand Audition, which has been traditionally held in Paris and Barcelona for several years, made its debut in Budapest at the Hungarian Dance University.

The “selection” brought together young ballet students from many European countries to showcase their skills and draw attention to themselves in front of acknowledged professionals.

Tamás Nagy, Chairman of the university’s Arts Council was interview about the event.

“We are very proud that the Hungarian Dance University hosted this international dance event. Our graduate student, Gvendolin Nagy recently attended the Grand Audition in Paris. There, too, candidates from all over the world, pre-selected by the organisers, came to prove their skills and knowledge to the directors invited. The company directors have the opportunity to select the young dancers they like best from the “pre-screened” group, based on their performances on stage over the two days, and offer them a contract at their company. To our great delight, Gvendolin was one of the more than hundred applicants that qualified herself and won a contract offer in Paris. She has proved her talent again. “Gveni” has now also performed and received another contract offer at the Budapest Grand Audition event held in the Hungarian Dance University’s theatre hall located on the campus. This is a great honour for us, and like many of her graduate fellow students, I would like to see her join the Hungarian State Opera.”

Tamás Nagy also said that the Grand Audition Budapest, like the international competition Budapest Ballet Grand Prix to be held in November this year, is a great opportunity to showcase the strength of the Hungarian ballet and dance culture, and to integrate them into the world dance scene.

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