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HDU’ s teachers and students receive award at International Dance Day

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The Hungarian Dance Artists’ Association held a press conference on the occasion of the International Dance Day on 29 April. Several dance programmes were announced, and the winners of several dance awards were also declared at the event. The work of several HDU’s teachers, students and other employees were appreciated. The event was also attended by professor Márta Fodor-Molnár, Rector of the university.

“The awards, among others, include the Best Male and Female Dancer of the Season Award, the Ágnes Roboz Award for the best graduating student of the season, the Best Creator of the Season Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Dance Art Award,” said Gábor Mihályi, Kossuth Prize winner, meritorious and distinguished artist, director of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, President of the Hungarian Dance Artists’ Association, who announced the programme of the International Dance Day Awards Gala as well as the 2023 Dance Awards. Also on this evening, the prizes of the Imre Zoltán Foundation and the Jr. Zoltán Nagy Foundation will be presented.

In line with the tradition, this year’s and last year’s award winners will perform at the award ceremony, including members of the Győr Ballet, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, students from the Pécs Secondary School of Arts and Crafts and the Hungarian Dance University. In the second half of the evening, the Inversedance – Zoltán Fodor Company will perform “Love in the Time of Cholera” choreographed by Zoltán Fodor, Harangozó Prize-winning dance artist and choreographer, Best Choreographer of the Season Award winner.

At the press conference János Kiss, Kossuth and Liszt Ferenc Award-winning dance artist, co-president of the Hungarian Dance Artists’ Association, presented three programme calendars of the Hungarian dance scene, highlighting the 18th Hungarian Dance Festival, the 6th Horizon International Contemporary Dance Festival, the 4th Under500 Festival, the Café de la Dance International Contemporary Dance Festival to take place at Lake Velence, Transylvanian Dance House Meeting and the 12th Eger Studio Theatre Dance Festival.

The programmes of the National Dance Theatre were presented by Péter Ertl, director of the National Dance Theatre. He emphasized that the summer programme of the National Dance Theatre will continue this July, offering again a light, summer cultural experience for the audience who want to relax.

Awards announced at the event and their recipients – HDU staff and students are indicated in bold.

Ágnes Roboz Award – best graduating student of the season:


Ballet: Nagy Gvendolin dance artist, classical ballet, Hungarian Dance University

Folk Dance: Mátyás Egyed dance artist, folk dance, Hungarian Dance University

Theatre Dancer: Tekla Hoffer graduating dancer, Pécs Secondary School of Arts and Crafts


Best emerging dancer of the season:

Ballet: Scrivener Louis ballet artist, Hungarian National Ballet

Modern-Contemporary: Fanni Czvikli freelance dancer, Noémi Kulcsár Tellabor, Feledi Project, Bozsik Yvette Company

Modern-contemporary: Gizella Noémi Nagy freelance dancer, Góbi Rita Company

Modern-contemporary: Noémi Kata Pataki dance artist, Éva Duda Company


Best male dancer of the season:

Ballet: Gergő Ármin Balázsi: ballet artist, principal, Hungarian National Ballet

Modern-contemporary: Clark David Bonus Ortega dance artist, Inversedance – Zoltán Fodor Company

Endre Melles: dance artist, dance soloist, Háromszék Dance Ensemble (Sfântu Gheorghe), Junior Prima and Golden Spurs Award winner


Best female dancer of the season:

Ballet: Eszter Adria Herkovics ballet artist, private dancer, Győr Ballet

Modern-Contemporary: Karin Iwata dancer, private dancer, Pécs Ballet

Modern-contemporary: Krisztina Szöllősi leading dancer, Badora Company

Alma Tóth: dancer, Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Oskó Endréné Award winner, two-time Golden Pearl Dancer


Best creator of the season:

Zoltán Fodor dance artist, choreographer, artistic director of the Inversedance – Fodor Zoltán Company, Gyula Harangozó Award winner


The winners of the Prize for Dance Art:

Sándor Sallai impresario, artist manager

Tamás Vati dance artist, member of the Yvette Bozsik Company, winner of the Gyula Harangozó Award

The Dance Teaching Award:

Kálmán Késmárki Associate Professor, Hungarian Dance University

Kinga Szent-Ivány dance artist, dance teacher, choreographer, artistic director of the Nemes Nagy Ágnes Art Secondary School, assistant professor at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Gyula Harangozó Prize winner

Prize for Dance Science:

Dr Anita Lanszki associate professor, Director of the Dance Research Centre of the Hungarian Dance University, Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of the Hungarian Dance University, Founding Editor-in-Chief of Dance and Education

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Eleonóra Szőnyi ballet artist, ballet master, professor at the Hungarian Dance University, Liszt Ferenc Prize winner, merited artist

Imre Zoltán Prize:

Réka Szabó choreographer, director, artistic director of the Tünet Ensemble

Jr. Zoltán Nagy Foundation Awards for Dance Arts:

Prize for great performance: Márton Szabó dance artist, private dancer, ballet master, member of the Pécs Ballet, head of the dance training of the Pécs Secondary School of Arts and Vocational High School

Student prize for great performance:

Dobra Janka Dobra major is dance artist, classical ballet specialisation, Hungarian Dance University

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