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HDU staff members receive honour on 20 August

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A number of staff including teachers working at the Hungarian Dance University (HDU) received honour on the occasion of 20 August when Hungarians celebrate the foundation of the state.

Eszter Vitályos, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation and Magdolna Závogyán, State Secretary for Culture, presented state awards and cultural recognitions to the outstanding members of the academic and cultural life on the occasion of 20 August, including the distinguished colleagues of the Hungarian Dance University (HDU).

The Hungarian Cross of Merit (civilian category) was rewarded to:

Béla Ónodi, DLA, certified folk dance teacher, Head of the Department of Folk Dance

Gyula Fodor dance artist, retired ballet master of the Hungarian State Opera House and Madách Theatre, associate professor at the former Dance College (now called Hungarian Dance University)

Katalin Szilvia Hájas, master teacher, Head of the Department of Ballroom and Social Dance

The Hungarian Silver Cross of Merit was rewarded to (civilian category):

Szilvia Vörös, Study Administrator of the Institute for Dance Studies

Gáborné Lapu, Costume Designer

Tünde Mihaleczky, Head of Costume Department

The Hungarian Bronze Cross of Merit was rewarded to (civilian category):

János György Jó, Technical Maintenance Officer of the Campus Directorate

The György Martin Prize in recognition of long-standing work in the field of organising the folk art movement was rewarded to:

János Fügedi, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Musicology of the Centre for Humanities Research, Professor at the Hungarian Dance University


Congratulations to our colleagues for their recognition.

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