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Tamás and Vince Topolánszky: father and son in dance art

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Dance artists Tamás and Vince Topolánszky, father and son, expressed their views about the impact and love of dance in an interview.

An interview about the impact and love of dance was made with the director of the Choreographer and Dance Teacher Training Institute of the Hungarian Dance University (HDU), Gyula Harangozó Prize-winning dance choreographer and dance teacher Tamás Topolánszky and his son Vince Topolánszky, a former student of HDU, who was chosen the best young dancer of the 2022 season of the Budapest Opera House. The conversation reveals why dance should be seen as a lifelong profession.

Tamás Topolánszky and Dorottya Kelemen (photo by GG Dance Eger)

Vince graduated at HDU with a degree in classical ballet and has been dancing at the Opera House ever since. He enjoys every minute of his profession. He said he loved going to HDU from the beginning to the end, enjoyed every minute he spent on dancing and learning. He is extremely busy because it’s a lot of work and it is a lot of sacrifice to be a dancer, but it’s also an experience he can enjoy.

“I really enjoy the dance itself”, he says. “Everything from the rehearsal process to the moment of the performance. The best feeling is when you can go out and bow to the audience after a good performance.”

His advice for those who wish to become a dancer is that they should definitely give it a try, and they should go for it. Although it is a really hard work, the amount work pays off at the end. Of course, success comes already at the beginning of the training, but there are hard times – just like in any other areas of life.

Vince Topolánszky and Claudia García Carriera

Vince reveals that he wants to enjoy being on stage as a performer for another fifteen to twenty years. When he has finished his dance career, he wants to follow his father’s example, and he would definitely like to continue to stay in the theatre world.

Vince’s father, Tamás says he has performed in front of tens of thousands of people already, which was a great feeling. He tells us it’s a miracle when you get applause, and the audience makes you feel what you did was all right.

Tamás believes that it’s a profession that takes a long time to learn while a dancer’s career is short. He says he is still here over the age of fifty, and he is involved in dance as a creator and a teacher. He encourages everyone to come and learn at the Hungarian Dance University.


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