(for students in professional training)

6 August – 17 August 2024.

The Hungarian Dance University is excited to offer The International Summer Intensive Ballet (ISIB) course this summer!

We’ve made sure that the entire course programme is divided into two consecutive weeks, so that our candidates get the most professional support.

If you can’t make it for two weeks, no problem! You can still join us for a one-week course instead.

  • one-week course 06-10. August (5 days) or 12-17. August (6 days)
  • two weeks course  06-17. August (12 days with 1 day off)

We are linked to the Budapest Ballet Grand Prix 2024 competition, which we are organizing again at the fall season: 18-22. november 2024.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and apply now!

As a bonus,  your registration fee for ISIB course will cover the BBGP2024  pre-selection round!
Our course is thrilled to welcome young dancers aged 14-24 from all over the world who are studying in a professional training environment.

We’ve made it really easy for you!
Just choose the core program and add the classes that suit you!
And if you’re interested in more than one subject, choose more for less!


Registration is open until 15 July 2024!

We can’t wait to see you!
Fill the form below and head to HDU’s webshop to purchase your product! Once you’ve paid the application fee, you’re all set to go.

We’re so happy to have you!


#1 Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements (coming to the course). #2. Participants not chosen the paid accomodation service have to make arrangements to book accommodation for themselves. #3. Certain courses, lessons will be launched if the minimum number of 10 participants required is provided. Otherwise, the HDU will cancel the course from the timetable. In this case the participant is entitled to get a full refund (with the exception of the registration fee). #4. The HDU reserves the right to cancel courses or classes from the programme due to an unexpected accident, illness or any other reason beyond our control. In these circumstances, a full refund will be paid (except for the registration fee). #5. Each participant is supposed to bring their dance wear and pointe shoes. There is no special dress code at the course but you are asked to avoid wearing harsh colours. #6. Girls are asked to pin up their hair so that their necks should be visible. No pendants, earrings, necklaces are allowed at dance classes, for fear of accidents. #7. It is strictly forbidden to enter the studios in outdoor shoes. You are requested to leave your outdoor shoes on the shelves, placed on the ground floor behind the lift. #8. Smoking, drinking alcohol or use of mind-altering drugs is strictly forbidden on the whole campus, including student hostel rooms. #8. Participants must adhere to the above rules for the sake of running the course safely and without any interruptions. The HDU reserves the right to exclude a participant from the course who has violated the rules above.

There is no preliminary examination, however HDU reserves the right to offer the option for the participants during the course


The photographs are required from all students; please wear practice clothes.
Girls: should wear leotard, tights, pointe shoes, hair neatly groomed.
Boys: should wear a fitted T-shirt, tights.

  • Demi plié in 1th position with arms as shown.
  • Tendu devant effacé. (open position)
  • A la second en face.
  • 1st arabesque. (facing, side)
  • Girls only! En pointe 4th position croise.