Accommodation dormitory and meals – International Summer Intensive Ballet Course 2024

100.000 Ft288.000 Ft

This way you can purchase the accommodation for the International Summer Intensive Ballet Course.

The place of the accommodation will be at HDU dormitory.

If you purchase the accommodation fee, you will automatically will be eligible to have breakfast during the course. Here you can also choose additional meals, lunch and / or dinner.

Please choose below. (400 Ft = 1 EUR)

További információk

Are you a HDU student?

No, Yes

Course length (1 week, or 2 weeks)

One-Week Course, 6-10. August, One-Week Course, 12-17. August, Two-Weeks Course 6-17. August

Additional meals you'd like to have

I do not need additional meals (only breakfast), Only Lunch, Lunch AND Dinner, Only Dinner

Are you vegetarian?

Yes, No